The tradition of Lydia Daïnow lives on

All our products meet the unique care philosophy that was developed by Lydia Dainow together with dermatologists and cosmetic specialists. It clearly focuses on the lasting improvement of skin appearance and skin health. During the day, the skin is nourished and protected with rich formulations, during the night however, we use light consistencies in order to not interfere with the skin natural function, but to assist it in its nightly regeneration and detoxification.


Each product must prove its effectiveness and match the quality standards as well as the company's philosophy. As we develop and produce the products in our own production site, we define and control quality from the start. Thus we can ensure that the products meet the high expectation of us and our customers.


Direct contact to the beauticians and customers is an important part of our philosophy; it is the only way to perfectly understand their concerns and needs. Therefore, inquiries and complaints are our top priority, because only a satisfied customer is a customer of tomorrow.

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