Lydia Daïnow - the traditional Swiss family business


Our goal is the production of highly effective skin care products to protect and regain a healthy complexion. Nowadays the company still aims to use the effects of pure herbal ingredients for a better skin. We do not only sell products, but a successful philosophy for a beautiful radiant skin.

Jolanda Hartmann as a professionally trained beautician knows the problems and needs of her customers. Regular contact with beauticians as well as end consumers is one of her top priorities. With many innovative ideas, she ensures the ongoing improvements and innovations in the product range. Each product has to prove its effectiveness and meet the quality and the company's philosophy standards.

Markus Hartmann is responsible for all quality related topics – starting from product development on to the choice of the right raw materials, production and final packaging. Each step is continuously monitored and controlled in order to assure the consistent, high quality standards of Lydia Daïnow products

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